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Geology is the Way

Geology is the Way did not start as an educational website. I simply love to go in the field and look at rocks under the microscope and I like to share my stuff on the social media. However, as soon as I started building this website, I realized how difficult it is to find clear geological material out there. In many cases, geology pics found online are misleading, mislabeled or simply are not on the free domain, making it difficult for educators to reuse them in lectures.

After realizing this, GW became almost like a mission to me. Yes, still a hobby, but also a mission: I started to go into the field on weekends to actually find the rocks/structures that I could not find on the web (in some cases not even in publications), trying to explain them with simple terms, to make them accessible for everyone. Sometimes even producing new charts/graphs/figures that may improve the understanding of a concept. There are many things I tend to forget even if I learned them as a student and that I often need to browse in the web: at some point I wrote text or created charts to remember them and I am now sharing it here.

By doing so, I really hope that the material I post here might be useful for learning or simply be a pleasant read for anyone interested in our beautiful planet Earth!

You may use content from Geology is the Way for educational purposes but kindly provide an attribution to the author and link to my website: Samuele Papeschi ( For any commercial use, please contact me directly using the form below. Please do not repost on social media. Many of my photos are reposted without attribution and even if you provide a reference, third parties often repost without my name, so please avoid reposting. If you have found the material here useful, please consider supporting me with a one-time donation. Your help really matters!

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I am not gonna lie. Building a website like this is a huge commitment in terms of time (I do this in weekends) and money (website hosting, going to field, etc.). I will keep doing this even without help, because I really love going to the field, working at the microscope, and writing. However, I can do this on the long term only with your help and your support to this project. Here are some ways to support GW!

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4) Get in touch! Ask me anything using the box below!

5) Send me a rock or thinnie! This is a completely free way to help me build an education website. By sending me a nice sample, it will be showcased on this website and it may even have its own page (if it is a relevant rock/mineral I do not have). Also, I will provide references to related papers (so this is a nice way to increase the visibility of your research). Please contact me using the box below and ask me!